Hobbs of Barbican: The Strength is in the Spine

The job of a bicycle designer parallels that of a surgeon in many senses: triage what’s wrong, decide what no longer functions, find a way to solve the problem and repair or replace whatever needs fixing. And like any good surgeon knows, if the spine fails, so too does the rest of the body.

Tech Specs: 1947 Hobbs of Barbican Superbe

Hobbs of Barbican Superbe Frame Reynolds 531 Tubing Hand Cut Lugs Rear Derailleur Mount Rear Brake Mount Fender/Rack Mounts Dynamo Mount Cable Guides Hobbs of Barbican Fork Reynolds 531 Tubing Elegant Rake Minimalist Box Crown Front Brake Mount  Fender Mounts Mid-Rise Rack Mounts Brampton Headset (Steel) Reynolds Twin Bolt Stem (Aluminum) GB Handlebar (Aluminum) Williams Crankset…