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Ebykr celebrates classic and vintage lightweight bicycles through provoking imagery and opinion. Let's roll together!

Eric Anschutz

Eric Anschutz

Tech Specs: 1950 A. Maury Randonneur

Andre Maury Frame #3603 Andre Maury Fork Cyclo Rear Derailleur (4 Speed) Cyclo Derailleur Lever (4 Speed) Le Chat Front Derailleur (2 Chainrings) Rosa Chainrings (Front: 48T, Rear: 30T) Brampton Course Chain (French, Half Inch) French Freewheel (4 Speed, 14T-16T-19T-22T)…

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“Ebykr celebrates classic and vintage lightweight bicycles with provoking imagery and opinion. We do so with open hearts and minds, cherishing your companionship greatly along the way.” Team Ebykr