Tech Specs: 1940s Twin Top Tube Randonneuse

  Custom Handmade Frame Upright randonneuse arrangement and geometryFine build by accomplished constructeurOriginal twin top tube design is nicely uniqueWonderful lugwork throughout, like early NervexArtistic caps on seat stay tangsChain stays reinforced with tangsCenter mount bridge for rear sidepull brake2x fender/mudguard attachment pointsPump pegs on rear top/bottom of seat tubeHand painted dart decography on all…

Tech Specs: 1947 Hobbs of Barbican Superbe

Hobbs of Barbican Superbe Frame Reynolds 531 Tubing Hand Cut Lugs Rear Derailleur Mount Rear Brake Mount Fender/Rack Mounts Dynamo Mount Cable Guides Hobbs of Barbican Fork Reynolds 531 Tubing Elegant Rake Minimalist Box Crown Front Brake Mount  Fender Mounts Mid-Rise Rack Mounts Brampton Headset (Steel) Reynolds Twin Bolt Stem (Aluminum) GB Handlebar (Aluminum) Williams Crankset…

Tech Specs: 1967 Jo Routens Randonneur

Jo Routens Frame Reynolds 531 Tubing Lovely Fillet Brazing Reinforcing Gussets Wraparound Seat Stays Front Derailleur Mount Rear Derailleur Mount Inward Cantilever Posts Fender/Rack Mounts Left Chain Stay Light Mount Dynamo Mount Internal Wiring Shift Lever Mounts Cable Guides Pump Pegs Jo Routens Fork Reynolds 531 Tubing Elegant Rake Twin Plate Box Crown Chrome Crown Top Rear Lower…

Duralumin History & Use in Bicycle Building

Durable but lightweight materials have appealed to bicycle builders since the beginning of bicycle time. From steel alloys to aluminum alloys to carbon composites, the nexus of these two build qualities is something of a holy grail among materials engineers. That’s because durable and lightweight translate to fast and expensive in most every language worldwide….

Tech Specs: 1963 Cinelli Mod. Super Corsa

Cinelli Model Super Corsa (SC) Frame & Fork Campagnolo & TA Drivetrain Cinelli, Mafac & Brooks Cockpit Campagnolo & Mavic Wheelset Arranged by Spence Wolf of Cupertino Bike Shop

Holdsworth: British Reliability, Personified

Like so many other useful things at that time and place, cycling apparel was difficult to obtain after World War One in Europe. The continent had been thoroughly ravished by a half-decade of brutal conflict and matters of sport went largely unaddressed by everyone except for their most ardent supporters.

American Cyclery is For Sale

Established in 1941, American Cyclery is the oldest bike shop in San Francisco. It has a rich, well-established history of providing new and vintage bicycles and components to a large customer base throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Current owner Bradley Woehl has been a friend and supporter of the vintage lightweight community…