Tech Specs: 1940s Twin Top Tube Randonneuse


Custom Handmade Frame

Upright randonneuse arrangement and geometry
Fine build by accomplished constructeur
Original twin top tube design is nicely unique
Wonderful lugwork throughout, like early Nervex
Artistic caps on seat stay tangs
Chain stays reinforced with tangs
Center mount bridge for rear sidepull brake
2x fender/mudguard attachment points
Pump pegs on rear top/bottom of seat tube
Hand painted dart decography on all tubes
Hand painted lug lining on all lugs

Custom Matching Fork

Randonneuse arrangement and geometry
Traditional box crown
Reinforcing tangs on side of crown
2x fender/mudgaurd attachment points
2x fork brake mounts for front cantilever brakes
Hand painted dart decography on blades and crown

Vintage Handlebar

Unmarked upright construction
Classic porteur shape, like Philippe
43.5cm wide measured c-c

Vintage Stem

Unmarked ornate construction
Lovely carved detail matches lugwork
70mm length measured c-c

Vintage Headset

Unmarked stout construction
Like early Stronglight V4 Competition model
Smooth operation with no observable pits

Vintage Front Brake

Unmarked aluminum and steel construction
Cantilever style

Vintage Rear Brake

MDL Syvaltor brand
Depose marque construction
Sidepull style

Rigida Rims

Chrolux model
26 x 1 1/2 – 650B diameter
36 spoke holes

Maxi Hubs

Perhaps period Super Leger model
Low flange hub body walls
36 spoke holes

Vintage Crank

Unmarked traditional construction
46 tooth chain ring
Cotter pin BB interface
170mm length

Vintage Bottom Bracket

Unmarked traditional construction
Smooth operation with no observable pits

Simplex Rear Derailleur

Simplex Champion Du Monde model
Classic mid-19th century French component3X speed range

Simplex Shift Lever

Le Simplex model
Large and stiff for ease-of-use
Single rear/right side lever


Model 52 Professional
Copper rivets, black rails
Treated and waterproofed leather

Lefol Fenders/Mudguards

Le Martelé model
Hammered aluminum construction
650B size
Timeless pattern with matching red striping

Lighting Package

Radios 16 front light
JOS 89 rear light
Radios 27 dynamo/generator

Constructeur and Sizing

Unknown original builder or outfitter
“B M” stamp on bottom braket shell
Serial number 1170
56cm top tube, 53.5cm seat tube measured c-c


Matching chain guard
Matching rear rack
French seat post
French block pedals
Huret Luxe wing nuts on hubs
Yellore Course chain
Haut TPO7 rear reflector
Sufficit hand grips
Registration badge stamped “Pinon Paul, Passage Castel – Fontenay”
Panaracer Fatty Rumpkin tires 650B x 41

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