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Edoardo Bianchi and his namesake bicycle, motorcycle and automobile company have helped usher in modern transportation since 1885. That’s because Bianchi and his company’s “Reparto Corse” racing division were first to use several innovations that have since become cornerstone features of these transportation devices. Regarding bicycles, Bianchi was the first large-scale Italian manufacturer to incorporate the following breakthrough innovations:

  • Equal-size front and rear wheels –
    Based on an emerging British standard starting in 1885
  • Pneumatic tires on safety framesets –
    With Dunlop tubes and Pirelli tires from 1888
  • Modified frame geometries for women –
    Initially for Queen Margherita around 1893
  • Cardan or universal joints for shaft drives –
    Based on a Girolamo Cardano design in 1901
  • Active frame and fork suspensions –
    Made for Italy’s Bersaglieri infantrymen around 1911
  • Folding frame systems –
    Made for Italy’s Bersaglieri infantrymen around 1911
  • Front caliper brakes with pads and arms –
    Used on select bikes starting in 1913

These innovations have made Bianchi bicycles among the most popular and technically advanced bicycles available. They have combined to yield numerous racing victories over the decades: 12 Giros d’Italia, three Tours de France, three Vueltas de España, five World Championships and an hour record back in 1942, among other celeste-colored palmarès.

Much more information is available on Edoardo Bianchi and his company for those interested in learning more about the man or his work. Here are some of our favorite and most memorable Bianchi-related images as presented chronologically from 1883 through present:

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