Tech Specs: 1937 Caminade Caminargent Bordeaux-Paris

Caminade Caminargent Frame Octagonal Aluminum-Magnesium Tubes Matching Lugs With Custom Bolts Caliper Brake Bridge Fender/Rack Mounts Cable Guides Caminade Caminargent Fork Aluminum-Magnesium Tubing Matching Lugs With Custom Bolts Elegant Crown Caliper Hole Fender/Rack Mounts Stronglight Headset (French, 25mm Diameter) Stronglight Chainring (48T) French Freewheel (Single Speed) Caminade Brake Levers (Open Back) LAM Brakes (Sidepull Calipers, Brass Hardware) Caminade Handlebar (Aluminum) Caminade Stem (Aluminum) Stronglight 49D Crank (Aluminum)…

Tech Specs: 1930s Automoto 650B Road/Path

1930s Automoto Road/Path 650B Bicycle Automoto Road/Path FrameAutomoto Raked ForkAutomoto Upright Handlebar (48cm c-c)Automoto Integrated Stem (30mm)Automoto Traditional Rod Brake LeversGloria Rod BrakesLeather Brake PadsAutomoto Fluted Cottered Cranksets (170mm)Automoto Chainring (44T)French Freewheel (18T)French ChainAutomoto Hubs (36H)French Rims (36H)Michelin and Olmo Tires (650 x 42B )French Double Sprung Leather SaddleAutomoto Rear RackAutomoto Ballon FendersFrench Rear Light Size: Seat…

Tech Specs: 1950s Jo Routens Randonneur

Jo Routens Frame Legere Tubing Lovely Fillet Brazing Front Derailleur Mount Rear Derailleur Mount Rear Derailleur Spring Eyelet Inward Cantilever Posts Fender/Rack Mounts Internal Wiring Chain Rest Cable Guides Pump Pegs Jo Routens Fork Elegant Rake Stout Twin Box Crown Rear Lower Crown Tab Cantilever Posts Fender/Rack Mounts Rack Mounts Stronglight P3 Headset (French, 25mm Diameter) Cyclo Rear Derailleur (5…

Terrot Poster Gallery

Terrot posters remain among the most sought-after cycling artifacts to emerge from the first half of the 20th century. Their unique combination of aesthetic appeal and commercial impact combine to form indelible images that stay with us for years. Here are some of our favorite and most memorable Terrot poster designs from between 1896 and 1953:

Holdsworth: British Reliability, Personified

Like so many other useful things at that time and place, cycling apparel was difficult to obtain after World War One in Europe. The continent had been thoroughly ravished by a half-decade of brutal conflict and matters of sport went largely unaddressed by everyone except for their most ardent supporters.

Legnano: The Warrior’s Wheels

Cinelli has it familiar crest, Colnago its ace of clubs, Fuji its stylized mountain, Raleigh its phoenix and Schwinn its four-point star — but Legnano may be the only bicycle company whose headbadge depicts a sword-lofting warrior. The reason why is nothing short of amazing, predictable as it may be in the end.

Caminade: The Circle of Cycle

Hearing it might shock the average rider of your swoopy, parrot-painted Italiano-alluminio wonderbike, but many such bikes are actually way, way old skool. In fact they’re so old skool they still spell it “olde school.” Aluminum frames? Octagonal tubes? Coupled bikes that disassemble with a few twists of a wrench for easy traveling? How about…

Goëland: Soaring To Lofty Heights

A Frenchman named Louis Moire was working as a bicycle salesman not long before World War Two. An astute observer of commerce, Moire surveyed the commercial landscape of his chosen profession and decided what its customers needed were affordable cyclotouring bicycles – something capable of competing with the great constructeurs like Maury and Pitard, just less…

Gitane: The Dark-Eyed Wanderer

“Gitane” is an unutterably lovely word if you speak French, both in sound and meaning. It is pronounced “zhee-TAHNN” and represents the more romantic of the French words for “gypsy.” There could not be a more evocative or euphonious name for a bicycle in all the history of pedal powered transport.