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Legnano Cycles Image Gallery

Legnano stands firmly among the tallest names in all of Italian cycling racing history. Founder Emilio Bozzi and his namesake bicycle and component manufacturer and distributor tapped into a collective competitive spirit to usher in modern transportation solutions starting back in 1908. While his efforts here extended to motorbikes and even early automobiles, it would be in cycling and bicycle road racing where Bozzi and his leading Legnano brand would leave their deepest tire tracks. Here are just some of the victories claimed by Legnano and its team riders over the years:

  • 10 Milano-San Remo
  • 14 Giri di Lombardia
  • 15 Campionati d’Italia
  • 16 Giri d’Italia
  • 2 Tours de France
  • 7 Campionati Mondiali

In addition to these formidable achievements, Legnano team riders secured 2 World Hour Records – on December 7, 1942 by Fausto Coppi (45.848 km avg.) and then again on September 9, 1956 by Ercole Baldini (46.394 km avg.) while riding a purpose-built bicycle with a claimed weight of 6.7 kg or 14.8 lbs.

Legnano team riders also secured numerous other victories over the years, including the Giro del Piemonte, Giro di Toscana and various regional and local events across Italy and beyond. Most of these victories took place in Legnano’s racing heyday from about 1920-1960, among yet other “verde transparente” palmarès earned by the brand and its team riders.

Much more information is available on Emilio Bozzi and the Legnano brand for those interested in learning more about the man or his work. Here are some of our favorite and most memorable Legnano-related images as presented mostly chronologically from 1908 through 1965:

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