Tech Specs: 1940s Cavalieri Cambio Corsa

1940s Cavalieri Cambio Corsa

  • Cavalieri Frame & Fork
  • Fratelli Brivio & Campagnolo Drivetrain
  • Tecno Tubo Torino & Ideale Cockpit
  • Fratelli Brivio & Nisi Wheelset

Frame:Cavalieri, minimized lugs with head window cutout, fender mounts, Columbus steel
Fork:Cavalieri, minimized square crown, fender mounts, Columbus steel
Dropouts:Campagnolo Cambio Corsa, steel
Headset:Italian, standard thread, steel
Handlebar:Italian, criterium drop, aluminum
Stem:Tecno Tubo Torino, single bolt, 90mm, aluminum
Brake Levers:Italian, partially open back, aluminum
Brake Calipers:Universal, Brev. 36, aluminum
Saddle:Ideale TB 42, ventilated, saddle bag loops, steel rails
Saddle Post:Italian, aluminum
Crank:Fratelli Brivio, single chainring, three bolt spider, steel
Chainrings:Fratelli Brivio, 48 tooth, steel
Freewheel:Regina Extra, 4 speed, 15-17-19-21 teeth, steel
Bottom Bracket:Fratelli Brivio, hollow axle, steel
Rear Derailleur:Campagnolo Cambio Corsa, 4 speed, aluminum
Chain:Italian, steel
Hubs:Fratelli Brivio, cambio corsa rear, 36 hole, aluminum
Rims:Nisi Toro, tubular, 700c, 36 hole, aluminum
Spokes:36X by 3X cross pattern, steel
Pedals:Sheffield Sprint, aluminum
Toe Clips:Rapid, steel
Toe Clip Straps:Made in Italy, leather
Extras:Black bar wrap, cotton; bar plugs, cork; replacement cable housing; front Wolber Classic 290 and rear Swallow Montello replacement tires
Notes:Red finish, gold star pattern transfer on top of downtube, gold “1950” lettering against Italian flag transfer on top of seat tube, brass head badge, Columbus stamp, built in Verona,  “23324” seat lug stamp, chrome pitting, small dent on top of down tube, 100% original except tires/tape
Size:57cm seat tube center-center, 57.5cm top tube center-center

Special Thanks:

Aldo Cavalca

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  1. xian says:

    the bike…!!!…. damn kool.. I want it!!! lolz.. interesting blog here…It got me addicted on reading it.. Keep it up.. leave me some comment too at my blog InvernoKL wanna have ur words on it.. :p take care, xian

  2. Kim says:

    My husband and I went bike shopping a few weeks ago (haven’t owned a bike in years) and we noticed how ugly bikes are nowadays. We hardly saw any “normal” looking bikes like the ones in your pictures. They try to make the bikes all fancy-looking I guess but they look kind of weird. Maybe it’s just in my parts because I can see from your pictures that there really are normal looking bikes out there somewhere.

  3. The Cambio Corsa or “race changer” derailleur represents Tullio Campagnolo’s first attempt at designing a gear shifting device. The dual lever and rod design was popular from 1940-1951 when parallelogram designs finally took over. The top lever allowed riders to loosen and tighten the rear quick release. The bottom lever allowed riders to move a cage the chain passes through up and down several freewheeled gears.

    Upshifting required riders loosen the quick release, start backpedaling, push the cage lever inward to the desired higher gear, and tighten the quick release. Downshifting required riders loosen the quick release, start backpedaling, pull the cage lever outward to the desired lower gear, and tighten the quick release.

    The lengthening and shortening of the direct chainline forces the unreleased rear wheel to slide up and down slotted dropouts on the frame. Not entirely effortless but a simple design that allowed racers to continue shifting despite inclement weather conditions that frequently hampered early Simplex dual pulley designs.

  4. Erik says:

    I second that about the rear. Looks almost single speed like and sweet. Is this just a featured bike or is it your?

    You ride it much if it is.

  5. M Riley says:

    Nice picture of the rear derailer! It would be useful to have a description of how it was used by the rider.

  6. richard says:


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